Back-up / Load shedding

Essentially a UPS solution powering essential loads during black-outs from battery sources. Most important in these applications is the ability of the inverter to look after the batteries.


Off-grid solutions function using large energy storage facilities such as battery banks or generators in combination with PV power and battery based inverters. Going off-grid could be a practical requirement but if a grid connection is available advanced hybrid inverter technology generally offer far more economical solutions that still give much of the advantages one may get going off-grid. If you require an off-grid solution we recommend a hybrid inverter.

Grid interactive

The most balanced residential solution in South Africa is the grid interactive inverter solution. Back-up power is available as a combination of PV and battery power and battery banks can be sized to meet critical loads requirements. These systems can also blend various power sources supplementing solar energy with grid or battery power to ensure the PV investment is fully utilised. The system will behave like a grid-tie inverter and export excess energy if this functionality is desired. Generators can also be coupled to the system during outages to supplement available
energy and meet peak demand requirements. This system can often easily be converted to an off-grid solution by expanding battery and/or solar PV capacity.

Grid tie home

The simplest and most commercially attractive solar solution that requires a permanent grid connection to operate. This is a very popular option in Europe and developed countries with feed-in tarrifs. When grid feedback is not possible or not remunerated the grid-tie technology finds very limited application. Grid-tie inverters don’t help during load-shedding.

Solar Pump solutions (VSDs)

VSD (Variable Speed Drive) is an ideal solution for single or three-phase pump scenarios where no minimum pressure and associated power is required. These are cases where water needs to be lifted to a higher level such as borehole pumps . In the early morning and late afternoon tail ends of the solar day when an array of panels supply less than the designed rated power, the VSD still drives the pump, only at lower frequency, i.e. the system can function at a lower power level getting the most out of the PV power supply.

Roof-top Grid tie

Commercial buildings are usually perfectly suited to PV power solutions as the load profile matches the solar production profile well

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